All About Houston Apartment Reviews

All About Houston Apartment Reviews

Before renting an apartment in Houston, I am sure you will do a google search in regards to your top three apartments.  You will find their website, their Facebook and Instagram pages along with probably the most powerful piece of influence… THE APARTMENT REVIEW!

In this day and age, reviews are everything and if you are like most people you don’t buy anything without reading a review.  From Cars, to Face Creams to restaurants – reviews are a must read.  WE all want to see five stars across the board, but we know that is not always the case especially when it comes to apartment reviews.

Can we trust Houston Apartment Reviews?

But when it comes to Apartment reviews, can you really trust them? I like to say take all reviews with a grain of salt and look at the big picture. It is important to read the reviews and try to decipher the underlying tone of the message.

Good Apartment reviews will often mention management by name as well as give specific instances where the management team went above and beyond.  You also want to look for details in regards to the location of the property, walkability, cleanliness, amenities and the effectiveness of the maintenance staff.  Look for resident reviews that have lived at the property for two plus years as these tend to hold value as they have witnessed the evolution of the property over the years.

Who is posting bad Housotn Aapartment reviews?

Bad Apartment reviews are often from disgruntled residents who have a grievance with management.  Was it that they wanted to break their lease and were told no?  Was it that they paid their rent late and are now being charged late fees?  Or is it a legitimate complaint about noise at the pool after 10pm or dog poop piling up around the property? (Which residents should be picking up after their pets. Read our blog on living in an apartment with a pet here.). Often bad reviews pop up when an apartment community changes management teams. You will see a pattern in reviews when something like this happens. When new management comes in, it is a transition not only for management but for the residents… and not everyone is going to be happy.

Let McKenzie Drake help you navigate Houston Apartment Reviews!

Choosing an apartment is a huge decision, there are so many factors that you go into choosing your next home. Read the reviews, but also reach out to one of our experienced apartment locators at McKenzie Drake who know Houston apartments and can guide you thru properties as well as discuss good and bad apartment reviews. We have placed hundreds of individuals and families in Houston apartment homes, and feel like we have a great pulse on the good and the bad in the industry. We are happy to help and remember we are a FREE service!