Renting a Houston Apartment with a Pet

It does not matter if you currently have a pet or are planning to get one. There are many pet policies and pet restrictions that you need to be aware of! Living with a pet can bring your life so much joy. It can also be very overwhelming if you are not prepared. We are here to be your guide so that when are you renting an apartment with a pet you can give all your attention to your furry friend and let us take care of the rest! After reading this you will know all the ins and outs of living with your pet.

Pet Policies in Houston Apartments

The first thing you should make note of is that not every apartment has the same pet policies! When you are looking for your next home, talk with your Houston apartment locator or talk with the leasing agent to discuss the pet policies that they have in place. Most apartments would like to meet your furry friend before you move in to see their personalities. 

A Few Tips and Tricks When moving into Your Houston Apartment with a Pet

There are several things that need to be taken care of when you are preparing to move into a new apartment with a pet. First things first, make sure that your pets ID tags are updated with your new address. Moving can be stressful for us humans but something we may sometimes forget is that it can be 10x more stressful for our pets. Make sure that your pet will be comfortable during this transitional period. Take them to a friends or a day care for the day of the move so that they can come home to a chaos free home! When you arrive at your new home make sure you have all your pet’s documents organized in the event the apartment wants to look. Lastly, give your pet a tour! As silly as that sounds we think it is important. This is your pets new home and they have never been here before so they will be eager to check it out, just like you! The most important places to show them are the pet park, and potty locations (for obvious reasons)! Hopefully, these tips will help you in your next move into a Houston apartment. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your Houston apartment locator!

Apartment Amenities You Need to Ensure your Pet is Happy

Today, there are so many incredible amenities that apartments have that make them stand out. For us, the amenities that stand out the most are anything that will make our pets happier. When working with your Houston apartment locator keep an eye out for any pet amenities that you think will make you and your pets home more enjoyable! Here are a few of our favorite pet amenities. Most importantly, a dog run/dog park. This a great place to take your dog to get some fresh air, use the restroom and get to know some of the other pets in the building. Being cooped up in an apartment can sometimes be ruff (!!) for some dogs. Make sure that they are getting the correct amount of exercise. Another great pet amenity to look for is a pet washroom. We know all pets can be dirty and messy and when it comes time for a bath, we do not necessarily want to use our bathtub or shower. This is when having a pet washroom comes in handy! Groomers can also be very expensive so being able to bathe your pet yourself will save you some money! Again, when looking for your next apartment with your Houston apartment locator tell them what you and your pet need to be happy!