1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom Apartment Moving Checklist

Houston Apartment Moving Checklist

Congratulations you have found your next 1 bedroom apartment home or 2 bedroom apartment for rent and now it is time to get ready for the BIG MOVE!  McKenzie Drake has compiled a comprehensive checklist compiled from helping hundreds of individuals and families find their next 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Houston TX.

Your Houston 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom Apartment Moving Checklist

1. Contact Movers and secure a date to move. It is a good idea to get several quotes so that you can compare.

2. Reserve the Freight Elevator via the leasing office at your new apartment as well as your current apartment. We recommend doing this as soon as you have a confirmed move date.

3. Provide a copy of your Renters Insurance to your new apartment community (required)

4. Connect/Transfer/Disconnect your utilities. Most properties include water with the monthly rent so you will only need to worry about Electricity, Cable & Internet.

5. Provide a copy of your NEW Electric account to the leasing office (required)

6. Provide your forwarding address to your current apartment management office. They will use this address to return you deposit (By Law they must give you a move out statement of charges within 30 days, and your return of deposit will follow).

7. Start Packing | Half Price Boxes located at 5475 W Loop South (713)668-5800 is a great source for all your packing needs.

8. Sign up for your new properties Resident Portal with your new community.  You can pay rent, submit maintenance requests and get up to date information and events at your property.

9. Update your Address with Banks, Creditors, Employer, Magazine Subscriptions and most of all Amazon.  You don’t want your packages going to your old address!

10. Clean (or schedule) a clean of your existing apartment. Your deposit is at stake if you leave an untidy apartment as well any trash, food or personal belongings behind.

11. Return all cable/internet equipment to vendor for your current apartment.  Be sure to keep your receipt showing that you returned the equipment, so that you are not charged at a later date.

12. Return apartment keys, mailbox keys, FOBS, etc to your current apartment management office. You will be charged for not returning these items.